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Based in London E16, close to the developing Stratford City and within the London 2012 Olympic River Zone. Waterfront Studios is the name of a business centre in the heart of London docklands. This is a forum for the business community who work at this centre. A place to air your views, promote your business and share interesting topics.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Whats on at Excel in March?

2nd-4th The Homebuyer Show (public)
2nd-4th Breakthrough to Success: Wealth and Power (public)
9th-11th The Baby Show in association with Bounty sponsored by Volvo (public)
10th-11th The London International Dive Show (public)
18th-21st IFE07 (International Food and Drink Exhibition) (trade)
18th-21st Pro2Pac (trade)
25th-36th Careers & Jobs Live (public)
28th-29th Business Continuity Expo, the Risk Management Expo (trade)
30th-1st A Place in the Sun Live! (public)

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Blogger update

To all authors/contributors to this blog. I have recently updated the blog to the new blogger format. This means that you may need to update your details to be able to continue posting to the blog.

The grass is not always greener

I notice that the rather selfish attitude of Nakhon Thai staff and also their patrons means that the plot of green grass adjacent to the restaurant has now been turned into a mudbath due to continuous use by vehicles. I really do not understand why they have to get so close to the restaurant when the street is only 50 odd metres away - do you? I have put a poll below so that you can cast a vote on this matter;