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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Make it greener - free Green Survival Pack

With just a little effort you can save energy and money - not to mention the environment. Did you know that if every Londoner changed just two standard light bulbs in their home to energy efficient bulbs we would save enough carbon dioxide to almost fill the Royal Albert Hall?

Follow these common sense tips from British Gas Energy Savers Guide* and start saving today.

Phone Charger Switch off your mobile phone charger when not
in use. SAVE around £4 a year
Kettle Putting the kettle on? Boil only the amount
of water you need. SAVE around £27 a year
energy-saving Replace light bulbs with new energy-saving
light bulbs. SAVE around £24 a year
equipment Switch off equipment on standby.
SAVE around £41 a year
thermostat Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree.
SAVE around £41 a year

*Based on British Gas Energy Savers Guide from 12.03.07 supplied in your Green Survival Pack

Click here to get your free survival pack


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