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Based in London E16, close to the developing Stratford City and within the London 2012 Olympic River Zone. Waterfront Studios is the name of a business centre in the heart of London docklands. This is a forum for the business community who work at this centre. A place to air your views, promote your business and share interesting topics.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Don't catch a cold - or a virus...!

I have noticed an increase in email virus activity over the last few days. The messages coming in have been censored by my internet provider and usually look as follows;

----- english text -----
This mail contained a virus or a file violating the mail policy.
The file has been repaired or deleted. .pif: W32.Netsky.P@mm
Hint: most infected mails are not originating from the given sender address.
Notifying the sender does not make sense in these cases.

The emails being received all seem to have originated from businesses within Waterfront Studios. This does not mean that the infected computer IS one of the senders just that the infected computer may well have received one of the emails which has been sent to all of us from either ELSBC or GLE. Some virii can disable your computer security or anti virus software, especially if you have not been updating your virus definitions or also the security patches provided by the operating system manufacturer (that probably means Microsoft to the majority of us). To double check to see if this has happened try using an online scan security service such as "Trend HouseCall" to find out more click here. For Microsoft windows update click here.

Need help or advice about your PC security? I will analyse your requirements scan your machine and advise optimum security settings for your needs (up to 1 hour) for £15 plus vat.


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