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Based in London E16, close to the developing Stratford City and within the London 2012 Olympic River Zone. Waterfront Studios is the name of a business centre in the heart of London docklands. This is a forum for the business community who work at this centre. A place to air your views, promote your business and share interesting topics.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blogs are big and getting bigger in search ranking stakes

Having a blog (or at least a presence on one) is becoming an important way of increasing your business websites search engine ranking. For those needing more information about the why's and wherefore's of this, click on the title of this post (or click here) to find out more. If you are a WS tenant and you don't want to go to the full trouble of creating your own blog then why not take advantage of this blog and contribute here? By sending me your contact details I will list your company website in the links section on the right of this page. You will also receive a 'blogger' invite which will enable you to post your own articles in this blog (yes, read shameless self promotion). All you have to do is just create a username and password and your away! You never know you might even get more business as a result.


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