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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

At Excel this weekend - The ultimate lad's experience

Until 2000, Dave was just a regular guy. He grew up in a respectable family in Locks Bottom, Kent and was just settling into his first job when he won £23m on the lottery with £1 that his Nan gave him.

Since then, Dave has spent three years travelling the globe in style; following Jordan on the F1 circuit in 2001, joining the Chilli Peppers on their world tour in 2002, and most recently cruising on The world.

However, Dave has missed his mates, and all the other things you’d miss if you lived away from home for three years (the football, the telly, Mum’s cooking etc) so he’s decided to return home to London and create a huge party for his mates.

Inspired by his global adventures, Dave’s vision is to bring the best of everything he has seen and done together in one place to create the ultimate lads’ weekend.


  • At 1:27 pm, September 26, 2005, Blogger Colin said…

    Well I popped along to this show late on Sunday courtesy of some free tickets won in a competition that was run by Virgin radio. There was lots to see however nearly the whole show was designed to part you from your hard earned cash (or credit). A good selection of boys toys were on display or for sale. The sideshows seemed to be "over" by 5pm despite the show having two hours still to run. I would have been upset at having to pay £5 to enter let alone the £35 that was being asked. I understand this show is going on tour. Avoid late on the last day like the plague. See link below for a slideshow of some of what was on display.



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