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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Office furniture - Lean and green and just up the road!

First Fruit Warehouse was set up in November 2002 as part of the work of the East London based charity First Fruit. The focus is to develop training opportunities, employment experience, life-skills support and back-to-work initiatives for people with a history of unemployment and / or homelessness.

First fruit warehouse was set up in partnership with Green-Works (see ‘partners’, to store, recycle and re-sell office furniture. The furniture comes from a range of Corporate Donors who no longer need their office furniture. The vision for Greenworks was to divert as much office furniture as possible from landfill sites.

The warehouse is 32,000 square feet. They employ around ten staff to recycle and re-sell our furniture. They process around 400 tons of furniture each month.

Just up the road from Waterfront Studios on the Kierbeck Business Complex in the direction of City Airport. Full contact details on their website.


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